Ambition Résumés

Your compliments and feedback are much appreciated! They reinforce why I love helping people reach their ambitions, and they encourage me to work harder and better for you.

Thank you!


I emailed you a couple of days ago about a free resume evaluation. After reviewing your resume, I am happy to announce that your resume is excellent!

Congratulations! Having an excellent resume immediately puts you in the top 4% of job seekers! As such, I wouldn’t recommend making any changes to it.

Keep in mind, a strong resume is only the beginning of a successful job search. We at TopResume pride ourselves on getting people hired!

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Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns, I’m here to help!

All the best,

Andrew Bennett

TopResume Resume Expert, 2016

"This is hilarious. One of my clients put the resume I wrote for her through a free resume analysis online, and this was the result. What's funny is that is from the company I used to work for :D"

Hi Kate,

Jamie's words to my husband were that you are worth every penny and I would have to agree. This is a powerful resume!

LB, Business Manager, 2016


My mass mail out to the VC’s seems to have worked well.  They customized each cover letter with the person’s name and it appeared as thought I sent each one from my own email address.  I got several good responses and already one possible good consulting gig with Tommie Copper.

Had an hour long phone interview with the SVP of HR just now.  Hit it out of the park, so going in to meet the whole executive team this week or next.

Your resume did wonders.  It took her some time to understand my crazy background but they seemed to like it.  I think the way you laid it out was effective.

KG, CMO, 2016

I just had a chance to review the Profile…..Holy Crap!!   Is that ME you are talking about….Bravo, fabulous!!    I was so exhausted after reading it, I think it is time to RETIRE!!  LOL!!

TP, CEO, 2016

Dear Kate,

We are delighted to tell you that we’ve chosen to feature your work in our upcoming book, MODERNIZE YOUR JOB SEARCH LETTERS: Get Noticed … Get Hired.

Our decision was not easy because we received about 4X the number of letters we could publish! We made our selections based on your creative approach, powerful language, and spot-on strategy for the letter(s) that we will be featuring.

"This is a self-help book from Resume Writing Academy. Here is a link if you want to buy it:

My work is featured on pages 30, 36, and 37."

Thank you so much....AGAIN!  Everything looks perfect!

SD, CPA, 2016

"Just got word that a client, who needed to move to Tennessee for family reasons, got the job for a bank we were targeting. Good luck JM!!"

JM, Bank Account Manager, 2016

Hello Kate

I am contacting you to thank you again with my resume and cover letter i love how they turned out, and i have learned so much about resumes thanks to you


HO, Finance New Grad, 2016

Hi Kate,

Just thought I'd let you know that I received a call today from Vanquisg and have an interview with them on Monday!! To say I'm nervous would be an understatement.

SJ, PR New Grad, 2016


I would like to thank you so very much for your time, patience and assistance with my resume. It looks amazing and so much more than I would have ever expected. You make me look so good! :)  I will definitely keep you in mind for any future referrals too, very impressed with your professionalism, expertise and willingness.

"Just go word from one of her friends. She landed a new $100K job in Los Angeles working for a major recording company :D!!"

VM, Exec Asst., 2016

Hey there,

I found out Kamps local didn't hire me because they thought I was overqualified and wouldn't be satisfied, which is why they referred me to Corporate.

Corporate was ALSO awesome and offered an opportunity for the Internal Auditor job.  I had to turn it down because it was 90% travel, but VERY cool people, I'll certainly stay in touch with them.

I ended up taking a 3rd part-time gig with an old friend of mine.  Very flexible and everything I wanted.  He helps people re-position assets so they can qualify for Medi-Cal to help pay for Caregivers and Nursing homes for their loved ones.  He helps a lot of people who don't realize this is available.  So, very rewarding!

This has all worked out well and I wanted to thank you again.  :)

Happy Holidays!

SG, Office Manager, 2016


Hi Kate,

I wanted to let you know that your help with updating my LinkedIn profile has really helped. I get a lot of people checking it out now and the recruiter for Pottery Barn recently contacted me for the creative director position for furniture. I am also interviewing with Apple for as part of their creative team for visual displays.

LG, Furniture Designer, 2016

My first client of 2016 was actually an attorney from Pakistan. I was a little hesitant to take this job since I don't have any overseas experience, but here is his message to me:

Hi Kate!

Just wanted to let you know that I have started a new job as of last week!

Thanks for everything. I have given your details to some colleagues. Hopefully, they'll contact you soon.

Awesome! My first international success! Congratulations FK. And yes, your colleague did reach out to me :)

FK, Attorney, 2016

Too often I hear about my clients from their referrals. SW was a newly graduated PR major, with only one small 2 month internship of real experience. Before we worked on her resume, she was not getting any invitations for interviews. But as her friend just filled me in, with her new resume she got several interviews and ended up with a really fun company. Something to do with extreme sports and a circus?  Congrats SW! Now we need to get your friend a job.

SW, PR Major, 2016

Just heard from a client I worked with last year. This was a challenge because he was a victim of the 2008 economic downturn, and had a hard time finding work in his field, mortgage banking. Like so many others, he had to take on varioius other jobs which made him look like a job hopper. He has finally found work in his field, and is now even applying to a master's program to get a Masters in Real Estate Development. Well done PS!

Loan Analyst, 2016

An email from a client trying to get into a Master's Program:

"I just wanted to say thank you again for helping me write the greatest personal statement of all time, because I was just admitted to my dream graduate school, the University of XXXX! I will be pursuing my Master of Professional Science degree in Marine Mammal Science! I was even offered a grant to cover one of my classes. I could not have done it without your guidance and inspiration."

Super awesome AB! From an ex-oceanographer to a new marine scientist playing with dolphins, I am going to live vicarioulsy through you! Congrats!!

A.B., Marine Biologist, 2016

I have definitely dropped the ball in keeping up with testimonials. My new New Year resolution. Most of the time I hear about my clients successes when they refer me to a friend or come back for updates. Here are a handful that have moved on to better jobs.

R.H., a biochemist who had been out of work for a few years to raise children, is back working in the lab researching stuff that is beyond my IQ.

V.S., a lead estimator, landed a new job as Sr. Estimator for the second largest pre-construction company in the US. Woohoo VS!

P.N. is a Director of IT with military training. He found a new job, but has decided that it is not for him so he is on the hunt again. We are back at the drawing board.

D.R. was a project manager working for a global hair product manufacturer. Her branch closed and she is now happily working as a PM for a design firm.

F.S. graduated from nursing school top of her class and is now working at the job she targeted as a young girl - helping children with cancer get the best care possible.

If you are one of my clients or plan to be, please let me know if you get that job! Nothing makes me happier and I like to pat myself on the back when I deserve it.


K.S. just emailed this to me:

"I have accepted a job offer! The first and only interveiw within 3 days of the I got the job offer. Thank you so much for your help in this success."

K.S. is a military-to-civilian transfer, and I believe the key to her resume was translating all of that military jargon to words that the rest of us can relate to. We also fine-tuned the resume toward a very specific job ad, which is always ideal. Way to go KS!!

K.S., 2015, Military Transition, Facilitator

This is one of my proudest accomplishments. After 15 years of consecutively applying for a US work Visa, A.F. finally was granted access. His plan was to fly out, land a job, and then send for his family. What he didn't forsee is how hard it is to get a job in the US without US references. A.F. is one of the hardest working and tenacious clients I worked with, which payed off. He now has an account managment position with a major device company and is finally living his dream of settling in the US with his family. He has also generously offered to be a resource for any of my clients in the same position. Congrats AF and thanks!

A.F., 2015, Account Manager 

A.P. is an executive level programmer who was looking for a high level position with a healthcare software company. He just emailed me to let me know he is now the CTO of a local small business. :D!! Great job AP, and thanks for your referal!

A.P., 2015, CTO

About a year ago M.Q. came to me with a hard resume objective. He had been working in financial analytics for 20 years, but wanted transition into software programming. He was doing all the right things such as asking for code related projects from his supervisor and earning programming certifications. The problem with his specific goal is that he needed to make the same salary that he was currently earning, a hard challenge for a career transition. By focusing only on his programming experience and translatable skills, we presented some compelling arguments. He just informed me that not only did he land a new job that will allow him to use his new technical abilities, he got a higher salary. Woohoo!!

M.Q., 2015, Career Transition

K.H. is graduating from nursing school and had a specific career goal in mind. Her resume was a no-brainer because she was the top of her class and filled every free second she had with relevant volunteer work. I'm glad I could help her but quite honestly she is an obvious hire. She did get into the program she targeted, which is one of San Diego's most sought after nursing positions. Way to go K.H., and thanks also for your referal!

K.H., 2015, RN

S.M. is a newly graduated marketing major with limited real-life experience aside from a short internship and some school projects. Looks like she has landed herself her first job, and she referred her father to me. Thanks S.M.!!

S.M., 2015, Marketing New Grad

C.M. has owned and operated her own marketing business for the last decade, and decided to rejoin the corporate workforce. There have been many advances in marketing, specifically with social media and web metrics, so her resume needed to be updated with the most current key words to attract interview. She did get back to me with news that she has been receiving several interviews. Good luck C.M.!

C.M., 2015, Marketing

Hey Kate,

This is all soooooo great!!!! Thank you very much!  All in all everything looks awesome! I am very very pleased with how everything turned out.  Depending on how the search goes, there is a chance that I may reach out to you in terms of a second resume. I have let friends know about how great my experience was, so I hope to be able to send some more business your way.

(Thanks RC! Good luck!!)

R.C., 2015, BD Contracting 

Just got word from a past client--he got a position as CFO! When he came to me last year, there were concerns over his age, in my opinion not old at all but he was unsure, and the fact that he had been with the same company for too long. We focused on his quantifiable achievements, and "youth-enized" his resume, and it paid off! Awesome DR!

D.R., 2015, CFO

(Just got word from a client who wanted to return to science after a 3 year gap in employment. She is now happily doing research for a new start-up. :) !!!)

R.K., 2015, Biochem Ph.D.

FYI: Picked up a gig! Trying out an Executive level position at a local tech startup. 

(E.G. came to me with a resume that did very little to sell his qualifications, and with an open-ended objective. He has had a broad variety of business related positions, but as we both discovered through the questionnaire, he excelled in all of them. His resume resulted in a powerful marketing piece because he so thoroughly answered all of my questions, including those that required him to dig up past numbers and data, all those bits of quantifiable data that make a huge difference on a resume. Super job E.G.!)

E.G., 2014, Entrepreneur/Sales


Thank you, Kate, you are amazing. You're help in updating my resume to current standards was invaluable in my job search. Thanks to your help in writing outstanding cover letters, I actually have choices in companies wanting to interview me. You constantly exceed my expectations in your talent, caring, and skill. I am so grateful.

(S.G. had been employed by the same company for 20 years and had not updated her resume in a very long time. She  was also unsure where she should apply since she has so many different interets and skills. We decided to write her resumes and cover letters tailored to each individual job ad, and with much success. Way to go S.G.!)

S.G., 2014, Business Manager 

(I had the honor of writng a resume for a former Major League Baseball player, name to be kept anonymous. After a long career as a player, he wanted to make the transition to hitting coach. He just informed me that he accepted a hitting coach position with a minor league team, and has had interviews with the Cubs and Yankees! YES!)

MLB Player, 2014

Hey Kate, just wanted to let you know that I got an EMT job with the best company xxx. Great company, get to respond to 911 calls, etc, couldn't have worked out better. I definitely will want to have you update my resume next year when I may focus more on getting into the hospital. I couldn't have done it without your awesome work.

(MB's original resume was a basically bare minimum skeleton resume, not in any way showcasing his many achievements, which we found through the questionnaire process. Congrats MB!)

MB, 2014, EMT

Thank you so much Kate! This is all so cool and I greatly appreciate all the time you've spent on these things!

(Trevor has now had four interviews and offers with major petroleum companies, and has accepted his first job out of college earning a wopping $70K. Awesome!)

(Trevor is one semester away from graduating with an IS degree, and well on his way to really great things. He has already landed two new interviews at a job fair. Way to go Trevor!)

Trevor G., 2014, IS College Grad 

I just reviewed the resume and cover letters and I have to say you did a great job! I'm ready to apply for the first three positions. 

I have an interview on Monday!

(Antonio's résumé needed to be elevated from middle management to senior management, lacked clear and quantifiable achievements, and needed to be adapted to different job ads and fields. Go get'em Antonio!)

Antonio P., 2014, Director of Technology

(PS's resume had several obstacles to overcome- job hopping, gaps in employment, unrelated job experience, and wanted to change careers. He  just called to let me know he received several interviews, with one that looks promising. Well done PS!)

PS, 2014, Loan Analyst

(Shawn was having difficulty capturing the attention of head hunters with his old resume. His résumé lacked clarity and strength, and his career made him look like he job hopped. After fixing all the issues, two recruiters finally contacted him and signed him on. Good luck Shawn!)

Shawn W., 2014, Controller

(Dave's résumé lacked strong selling points, and he was concerned that it also showed his true age. We "youth-enized" his resume and added quantifiable achievements. He called to let me know that after his new résumé, he got postive feedback from his executive head hunter who was curious as to who his résumé writer was. That would be me! Good luck Dave!)

Dave R., 2014, Director of Finance 


Thanks for everything Kate!

(This was Tom's second attempt at a Federal job using his new Federal resume. He was also 2 years without a job. To be fair, I only helped him get the interview, he did the rest. Congrats Tom!)

Tom D., 2014, IT

Hi Kate - Thank you for all your hard work.  I truly appreciate it.  I really feel like this is the boost I needed to get my job search on track.  I was kinda stalled out. I will keep you posted when I get a job...which I feel like will be sooner than later.  I have told my husband about what a pro your are and that he should use you when he needs to spruce up his resume. (Mindy did get several interviews)

Mindy R., 2014, Director of Marketing

Thanks Kate! My new resume looks really polished. Your help has been indispensible in helping me define my past accomplishements and the value I bring to the table.

Keith G., 2014, CEO

Hi Kate, thank you for all the work that you did on my cover letter, résumé, thank you and follow up letter. It's exactly what I had on mind. I really do appreciate all of your hard work!! Thanks!!!

Sheliza F., 2013, Healthcare

It's great Kate thank you very much. I'm looking forward to applying to job positions with my new resume. I believe it will be a lot more effective now! I appreciate your hard work.  Thanks again. 

Lindsay H., 2013, Marketing

OMG it looks awesome!  Great work Kate!  I love it!

Laurie S., 2013, Assistant Dean

Kate, I know it was quite a challenge to have to summarize all of that information (36 pages) especially when lots of it must of been things you were not familiar with. I thank you for your hard work and assistance as I transition out of the military into the civilian sector.

James L. 2013, military transition, Training Specialist

Hello Kate, I was very impressed with the resume and cover letter.They look great and I really like the format of the cover letter so I can easily adapt it for use with different applications. Thank you for your efforts...  your version is a vast improvement over what I have been using. 

Geoff O., 2013, Metrologist

Kate,  thanks for your awesome work much easier and better then the person i used in Washington. 

Chris T., 2013, military transition, Customer Service

I can't reccomend Kate enough! She was super friendly, professional, prompt and open to new ideas. It was a true collaboation. She is the best!!!

Gus G., 2013, Restaurant Owner

Kate, looks like a thing of beauty to me.......good job. Never thought five pagesof diatribe could fit into one - guess that was the problem all along.....bored the reader! Thanks for your help and great work - it's truly appreciated. Now back to work, I hope.

Joe A., 2013, Retired Officer

Very thorough, wonderful and prompt with all my questions, even question that were non-resume related, very positive and encouraging person, easy to work with and readiliy available with help and revision advice.

Jennifer N., 2013, Teacher

Thank you Kate! I just reviewed the resume drafts and they are beautiful. Having such a condensed and concise resume makes me confident about sending out my resume. You've done a great job.


Thank you so much Kate. I just reviewed the resume drafts and they are beautiful. Having such a condesnsed and consice resume makes me confident about sending out my resume. You've done a great job.
Jenny L., 2013, MarketingThank you so much Kate. I just reviewed the resume drafts and they are beautiful. Having such a condensed and consice resume makes me confident about sending our my resume. You've done a great job.

Jenny L., 2013, Marketing

Thank you Kate! I just had a chance to review the resume revision and everything looks good. Thanks again so much for your help! You really gave my resume a much needed facelift!

Taro K., 2013, Technical Programmer

Kate, awesome work, thank you.

Bryan B., 2013, Arbitrator

Kate, thank you, everything looks great.

Edmond J, 2013, IT Director

Kate, I got the newest version of the resume and it looks good.  I have started to use it. I thank you for your help.

Greg L., 2013, Global Security Trainer

Hi Kate, I am very pleased with your work and the turn around—Thank you

Mathieu L., 2013, Ph.D.

Hi Kate, you did a fabulous job.  I am truly grateful. I consider myself a decent writer of all trades, but I did not have the skills/know-how to present myself as you did.

Sarah L., 2013, Grants Manager

Hi Kate, thank you so much for all of the work you did on my resume and cover letter. I was incredibly pleased with the results. I've already had interviews and I know it's because of the new format of my resume. This was a wonderful investment and I truly enjoyed working with you. Please let your supervisor know about my experience. You are a great asset to the company! Thanks again!

Angel F., 2013, Non-Profit Executive

Hi Kate, sorry for the delay.  It all looks GREAT. You did a wonderful job and now I need to get my derrière actively looking for something new.

Anna J., 2013, Global Manager

It’s perfect. Thanks so much for your help. I am more than satisfied with what you have done and will definitely refer anyone interested in getting a professional résumé to your company. Wish me luck :)

Emily C., 2013, University Department Manager, 

I love it Kate!!  Thank you so much for your help.!

Kelly M., 2013, Registered Nurse

Hi Kate, both the resume and cover letter are perfect. No update needed. I appreciate your help. Now wish me luck :)

Priscilla T., 2013, HR Manager

You nailed it! Thanks so much!!

Stephanie T., 2013, Sr. Probation Officer

This all looks great to me. Thanks!

Wesley M., 2013, Reinsurance Buyer

Dear Kate, thank you so much for all your work. My resume looks perfect and am extremely happy with it.

Maria A., 2013, Clinical Researcher

Thank You!!

Rod Z., 2013, Industrial Sales, 

Hi Kate, my resume look great! I really appreciate the hard work that you put into my résumé. I'm going to start posting my résumé out on job boards soon. Wish me luck!

Onyekachi E., 2013, CPA

Thanks Kate.  Thank you for doing an excellent job.  There a few things I need to revised a bit, but overall I'm very pleased.  I think it exceed my expectations.

Alan R., 2013, Director of Finance

Excellent job with revising my resume Kate; what a huge improvement!

Corinna V., 2013, General Counsel

Kate, thank you so much. My resume is already gaining traction!

Zainab W., 2013, Marketing