Ambition Resumes Aims for the Bulls-Eye

Ambition Resumes does not mess around with mediocrity. This is how I distinguish myself from other resume writing services, and once I take you on as a client, we will begin preparing for battle. Because behind every job opening there is a fight to get to the top, and I know how to use words as ammunition to help you win.

See the FAQs page about my 110/70 Promise and Meet Kate

What I Specialize in:

Helping people see the value they have and translating that into their next career move through written word. 

  • I excel in résumé challenges such as:
  • Gaps in work history
  • Career transitions
  • Résumés lacking in achievements
  • Job hopping
  • Too little or too much experience
  • Clients without a résumé
  • Passing the Applicant Tracking System

Why You Should Hire Me:

  • My résumé writing skills have been vetted by a panel of professionals. Ask for my credentials at
  • I have researched and written hundreds of résumés in almost all major industries. My industry knowledge grows every day. See lists below.
  • My résumés are designed for impact and impressing hiring managers within that 30-second viewing window.
  • During your project, you will learn something new and valuable about yourself as a professional, and be better prepared for interviews.
  • Your project is finished when you are happy. See my past client testimonials here.