Ambition Does More Than Just Resumes…

Thinking about grad school or transitioning out of the military? Do you have an interview and want to practice? Or perhaps you need a little advice on how to get ahead. I can help you with all of these career obstacles. Let’s talk and figure out a plan-of-action tailored to your needs. 

College & Scholarship Essays, Academic CVs

Does your grad school essay start off like this? “Since I was I kid I have always been fascinated by ….” Then you need my help. Fact: I specialize in science essays because I was one.

Military Transition and Federal Resumes

Military Transition Resumes and Federal Resumes are different breeds. How do you turn all those medals into usable achievements, and why are Federal Resumes often so long?

Interview and Career Coaching

After you finish my questionnaire, you will be so much more prepared for an interview because you will have answered so many tough questions. What comes next?