Kate Boyle
Certified Professional Résumé Writer

Over seven years of experience helping people from nearly every industry get that interview.

My resumes are designed for impact. During your project, I guarantee you will learn something new and valuable about yourself as a professional, and you will be better prepared for interviews. Let’s get started

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How I Became a Résumé Writer:

I was wrapping up my B.S. and knew exactly where I wanted to go for graduate school. Problem was, this program was #1 in the country for this field of science, and I did not have the GPA or GRE scores to even be considered.

So, I initiated Plan B. I wrote a direct proposal to the professor I wanted to work under, along with a personal statement of the value I bring to his research and emailed it to him directly. In two days, he called to accept me into the program- fully funded with a salary.

The program I was accepted to is less important to me now than how I got in. I realized that I have an ability to see beyond rigid requirements, which gives my clients the tactical advantage they need when they don’t exactly match the candidate criteria.